When God Say’s “No”…? Part 1

Posted: October 6, 2014 in Podcasts, When God Says No...
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Thank you for joining me. i’m Dr. ed Peterson and i’m the host for this 5 part series of posts regarding “When God Says No.” Often I’m in a struggle asking, praying, pleading for God to intervene or move on my behalf and He says “no.” Other times i struggle after and because God says, “no.” Either way the struggle can be painful or overwhelming.

StruggleThere are times when, no matter how hard i pray or how strongly i believe, loved ones die, friends go to prison, marriages end and seemingly bad things happen. What do i do when God says no? Do people 20 years in a wheel chair get up and walk? Are dead raised to life? Are prison sentences suddenly commuted? Yes! Yet there are times when God says no. When it happens, what happens to my  faith? Is it destroyed? Do i walk away in a temper tantrum saying, “i’m through with You, God.”? What exactly am i supposed to do when God says no?

Again, i’m not discounting the reality, of divine interventions. For me there are no coincidences and if i’m living life intentionally it is almost impossible to not see the hand of God at work in His entire creation and in every situation.

i’ll share a personal example of one the most difficult struggles i encountered when God said no. Many years a go we went to visit my sister in-law only to find her lying on the bed unconscious. She was rushed to the hospital where she remained in that state on life support. The hours and days seemed to linger on endlessly as we sat, praying and believing. Hundreds did the same. The hour came when the doctors told us that we had to make “THE” decision. Take her off life support or leave her on and wait. If you’ve never had to make that decision… let’s just hope you never have to. i watched as family struggled with the realities, regardless of which decision they made. Finally there was a consensus to remove her from life support. The calls went out for more prayer. Not just any prayer, but that she would return to life, that she would be whole. The next decision was, who would be in the room with her as they removed the breathing tubes? i don’t remember all the details, only that i was in that room. i  remember praying profusely while the nurses prepared for the moment to come. And then… they asked if i was ready, to which i responded “yes.” i knew nothing about what it was to be ready. i just knew what i was praying and believing for. i could feel the power of the hundreds who were praying at that moment.

The time came and the tubes were removed. It gets a little fuzzy here but what i do remember very clearly were her eyes opening and her body taking a deep breath… i thought the power of all those prayers had been answered, and then, just as quickly, she closed her eyes and that was it. United we had sought God and within less than a minute, God said…no. i’ve always thought that it wasn’t God saying no, but that my sister-in-law said no. That she, in that brief moment when her eyes opened made a choice that she did not want to come back. The why is not important. Today i’m not as solid in my belief because in another situation involving my daughter, there appeared what seemed like a miraculous intervention and then again a month down the road God said “no.” This unborn child had no ability to determine if she wanted to be born or not. This was God’s decision. Then in another scenario with my mother-in-law, confrontation (illness) came, prayer went out, a divine intervention seemed to appear, (you’ll be able to take her home) but ultimately God said no. i know that God’s ways are not my ways because in these situations, if it were up to me, the out-come would have been quite different.

And we’re out of time so i ask you to come back tomorrow for more of me and I AM as i continue to share my experiences with “When God Says “no.”



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