Revealed… The Introduction #1

Posted: December 5, 2014 in Podcasts, Revealed...!
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Today i leave the forward and move to the introduction of Kisses From Katie. Here’s what stands out to me. In Katie’s world there are imagesno statistics. There are only people, and every life matters, something i am being urged to look at more closely regarding my own beliefs.

In the first paragraph of the introduction Katie shares that she is thankful that God’s plans do not seem to be affected much by her own. She explains further, “loving Jesus was beginning to interfere with the plans i once had for my life.” This is one area where my life and Katie’s are alike.

If there was any doubt that it was God’s plan for me to read this book it was removed completely as Katie says, “i have begun to grow in my desire to live intentionally, and be different from anyone i have ever known.” Different, intentional, familiar words.

Katie is different not because she loves Uganda, but she has an unquenchable love for the people. That unquenchable love makes her different from me and thus comes the most difficult portion of the book for me thus far. my love is sometimes very conditional, who, what, where, when, and why, too often play a part in my love.

images-1Now remember… i’m sharing the personal things God revealed to me as i listened to this book. Kisses From Katie is a confirmation, a reminder, an accountability to things that God has been speaking to me for some time.. As i’ve shared before God told me not so long ago, 7 or 8 years ago, that i was to start enjoying people and stop enduring them. Those were difficult words at the time, and while i believe i have made great strides… there was something about the words of this book that told me i had only scratched the surface and to get ready for much more.

i didn’t have to wait long. God had spoken to me twice prior regarding this next issue and i had treated it as a passing thought… both times. Most of the readers or listeners know that for the past eight years, until June 1st of this year Ann Marie and i were the founders and directors of a prayer center. In concept it was similar to IHOP in Kansas City. No not the breakfast place but the International House Of Prayer. Like Katie says, it was a great experience in most ways but very trying in others. This year i felt it was time to move on. Things seemed stagnate and i felt it was partially my fault. God had tried to speak to me twice through those passing thoughts. But now it was time to listen and hear what He was saying to me. He said, “the reason it was time for me to go and that the center had not accomplished all that it was meant to be, was because i didn’t love the people of Brandon the way Katie loved the people of Uganda.”

And with that i was a basket of emotions. Tears flooded down my face as i drove to work that morning. i had heard it before but as i said i treated it as a passing thought. As i arrived at work i could not stop the tears. Fortunately for me i always try to run ahead of time.

Unknown-1Katie says, “He began to grow in me a desire to live intentionally and different from anyone she had ever known.” Those words brought some comfort. Imagine… God had a young woman move to Uganda be a mother for 14 girls before the age of 21 and then write a book just so He could deliver a much-needed lesson to me.

i could not deny it, not even for a second. i did not love the people of Brandon anywhere near the way Katie loves the people of Uganda. He told me that i could not give what i did not possess. Katie possessed a much greater willingness to surrender her life to Him and was able to extend love in a way i was not sure i could. God didn’t let it go at that. Katie captures the essence of my thoughts with her words when she says, “Slowly but surely i was beginning to recognize the truth. i loved admired and worshiped God without doing what He said.”


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