Revealed… Chapter 4

Posted: December 18, 2014 in Podcasts, Revealed...!
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Greetings! my name is Dr. ed peterson and i’m the host of the me and i am post and podcast. Thanks for joining me today as i continue sharing my thoughts and revelations regarding my own life as i read a book of relentless love and redemption titled Kisses From Katie.

Chapter 4 was like a breather for me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s packed with trinkets but they were far more subtle than the previous chapters.

UnknownWhile Katie shares the following words almost as though everyone already knows them, which they may but me… i needed to be reminded. She says, “My love for the people around me was not something I could muster up myself; it was God-given, it came from the overflow of the love He had lavished on me.” The love that is thrown around these days is exactly what Katie says, “something i could muster up myself.” i remember my daughter telling me that i had hurt her husbands feelings because after talking on the phone i didn’t say i love you before hanging up. At the time i didn’t think i need to say it. Which i didn’t for me but for him… that’s another story. When Ann Marie and i were first married she said to me one day, you never tell me you love me.” My response was simple… “No news is good news.” Today i know just how wrong that was but i am never going to be one to just include i love you for the sake of it. If i say i love you, you can be assured that it comes from my heart and it comes with commitment. my intention is for my words and actions to line up with what loving someone looks like through the eyes of Jesus. i want my love to be just like what Katie describes… an overflow of the love God lavished for me.

As i shared there are other trinkets to be found in chapter 4 but my favorite one came at the end. “Oliver’s friends noticed her helping me and teased her about it. “Why do you follow around that small white girl?” they asked. “Because God is going to do something with her here,” she replied.

Because God is going to do something with her here! And i wondered if anyone was following me around with an expectation that God is going to do something with me here? And then i wondered… who am i following around with an expectation that God is going to do something with them? my answer to the last thought was my children.

Unknown-1My son and his wife as they began this whole process to adopt a child from Africa. So many God stories to be shared and you can read some of them for yourselves by going to ( i can hardly wait to hear the updates as i’m expecting the God things to get bigger and bigger. As part of this i am preparing to make a copy of Kisses From Katie available to anyone who will make a contribution towards the adoption. More details to follow when it’s ready. And i can hardly wait to see what my two grandsons will be like as they grow up with God being such an intricate part of their lives.

Then there is my daughter and her husband. It would take weeks to share the process they have been going through and oh so many times where God just showed up in so many places. And i know that i know He is not done with them yet… nope, not even close.

imagesmy grandson… God is becoming a close friend with him regularly. Let me share a faith project he is working on right now. Students at his school are traveling on an exciting trip to Washington, D.C., with WorldStrides. His history lessons will come to life as he walks in the footsteps of influential past and present leaders and learn about the events that shaped our nation. He have the wonderful opportunity to go on this educational travel program with his classmates. I am so excited for him to be invited to go on this trip despite the large expense. Contributions will make this trip possible. Will you consider sponsoring him?

It’s easy to make a donation online! Go to the WorldStrides website! Enter my Account Number: 102746769. Enter my last name: Lucci.

i have never asked or made any type of giving available in the over 12 years i have been blogging but i could not resist offering the opportunity for these two great causes. i’ve been asked in the past so here are the opportunities.





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