Revealed… Old And Used Up!

Posted: December 29, 2014 in Podcasts, Revealed...!
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If you want to live a memorable life, you have to be the kind of person who remembers to remember.

excellence-is-the-result-of-caring-more-than-others-think-is-wiseKatie created an unforgettable experience with Brenda and says, “The sense of purpose and fulfillment was nothing short of amazing, and I wanted to immerse myself in this life for the rest of my days.”

As i heard those words i sensed God asking me, ed do you have a sense of purpose and fulfillment that you want to immerse yourself into for the rest of your days? At the moment and even now it sounds to me like Jesus asking Peter, “Do you love Me? my immediate answer, much like Peter’s “Lord you know i do.” Jesus replied, “Then feed my lambs.” “Shepherd My sheep.” “Feed My Sheep.”

In the past few years when people would ask me, “What’s your passion, your dream, your desire” i would respond, “pursue God.” they would look at me like that wasn’t an acceptable answer and i suppose i understand because that doesn’t fit the normal. As i think back i have done pretty much everything i could have imagined or dreamt. i married the woman of my dreams, i’ve driven multiple makes and models of cars, i’ve done radio, television, led worship, written songs that were played on the radio, spoken to large crowds started a dozen business  or so. But today i can’t tell you anything that i have a passion for like Katie has for her children and Uganda other than my relationship with God. So there are times when i feel i’ve lost my sense of purpose and fulfillment and the desire to immerse myself into anything for the rest of my days. Normally i’m okay with that but, then as i read about Katie, it feels like i’m missing something, something big! While i have no regrets and have done much, i do hope that i am not finished.

images-1i shared in the last post that, like adoption, life, living the word, trusting God is sometimes hard and on any given day it can overwhelm me to the point of almost exhaustion and despair. But thanks to this book i have Katie’s closing words from chapter 6. “Lord, thank You that when i feel old and used up and broken and no more exciting than a cardboard box, You whisper that You love me and value me, and that in Your eyes, i am shiny and new.”



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