Revealed… It’s Back!

Posted: January 5, 2015 in Podcasts, Revealed...!
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In chapter 8 Katie continues to share her story of relentless love and redemption while i continue to be amazed by what God is revealing to me from the book titled Kisses From Katie.

imagesKatie takes a deep breath of the air that smells like what she can only describe as “Uganda” and let it fill her with the joy of being in the place God has called her. i had to wonder if i have ever been in such a place. Not Uganda but a place where the air filled me with the joy of being in God’s presence. my experiences with that have been limited to moments in times of worship but i desire to live in that place each and every day regardless of circumstances. With every breath joy and an overwhelming awareness that i am in God’s presence.

The second morning, Agnes looked at me and said, “There it is! It came back!” I asked her, groggily, “What came back?” With joy she could hardly contain , she replied, “That light that lives in your eyes!” I would imaging that being filled with the joy of being in the place where God has called would show in outward physical signs such as the eyes. What would it be like to have people see the presence of God on my life without speaking a word… to the point of saying “there it is! It came back!”

“In Uganda, as in all the nations of the earth, human beings are hungry for God; they long to live lives filled with purpose and love. They want to be able to support their families; they want to be able to work; they want to be able to give back and to be good, noble people. They want to feel important and needed and beautiful. Children want to play, eat, learn, and be loved. We are all the same. We do not live in different worlds; we live in the same world. People are people.” And this is where there is a great gap between Katie and i. It is a struggle for me to believe all of that about people. my experiences have led me to believe otherwise. i’m not saying that i’m right and she is wrong because Katie has much that i desire when it comes to God and relationships.

Katie says her life looks different than most because she made different choices than most. But making different choices didn’t make her superhuman. In fact, every day was filled with reminders, sometimes painful reminders, of her human emotions, human desires, and human limitations. That’s where i find myself in Chapter 8… filled with reminders. Not good reminders, not bad reminders but reminders of God’s grace with regards to my life.

images-1In closing Katie talks about how often, as human beings , we are crippled by our fears. We are afraid of change, of loss, of being hurt. We cling so tightly to what we have because we are afraid of what would happen if we didn’t have these things anymore.

Every day, i have a choice. i can stay safe and let fear cripple me. Or i can take a risk, do something to help someone, change someone’s world.



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