In Tune… Part 1

Posted: February 2, 2015 in In Tune...
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Several months ago after reading how God came to Solomon in his sleep and asked him what he wanted i realized that the night hoursimages can be more that just for sleep. i found a pair of SleepPhones which are basically like a head band with two paper thin speakers in it and it’s bluetooth. So i began listening to music in my night time hours. i immediately noticed that i was less restless and that when i did wake up i would fall back asleep much faster. i have also found that in getting up at 4 to 4:30 am every morning i have not been tired once.

Beyond that i have an hour drive to work and an hour drive home and music is a part of every hour to one degree or another.

images-4Then my new job allows me to listen to music for the entire 8.5 hours that i’m there with ear buds of course.

For many years i have looked at several ways for me to take my every thought captive to the word of God and now i have found an additional application for it. i find that i have less thoughts to fight with and even the thoughts that do try to come are defeated much quicker.

All together i’m probably listening to music around 16 hours of every day. That’s 16 hours of the word being feed into my thoughts. i do find that listening with the SleepPhones and the ear buds works better for my purpose but listening otherwise still brings me results.

Inn case your wondering this is possible because of Pandora One with it’s ability to let me create a wide range of stations and thus music styles.

UnknownThe words says that God inhabits the praises of His people. That said, i’m pretty sure that whatever God is inhabiting leaves no room for anything else. my thoughts, my heart, my mind, my emotions, all inhabited by God makes for more peace than i have ever experienced.

With that said let me share with you a version of how this has worked for someone else. This is from one of the meandiam readers.

Ed asked me to write my story about listening to praise music through-out the course of my day.  When i think of praising the Lord, i think of the music leaders on the stage and trying to keep up with them.  i always wondered what it was like to be David and play the harp to the sheep as a young man and the way he worshiped God, i thought that was pretty cool.

i cannot keep a beat, i sing off key, when people ask me to sing louder  i tell them,  i do not want to be a distraction to anyone. They often tell me, make a joyful noise! My reply is always, it’s not “joyful”! It takes my full focus to watch everyone else clapping so i can clap on beat and i have always focused on the worship leaders to follow along.

i’ve had a rough 2014 to say the least, long story short…i realized that i had no real relationship with Christ. i believed in Him, but never really knew Him. Ed challenged me after i told him that i did not know how to praise God to start listening to praise music throughout the day and sing along. Immediately my defense went up and i said, i can’t sing out loud, that’s not right! GOD DOESN’T WANT TO HEAR ME SING! i can’t carry a tune, keep a beat or able to worship God at all. Ed said try it and see what happens. Fine i thought, after all i’ve tried everything else to try and fix my relationship with Christ, i’ll give this a shot.



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