In Tune #2

Posted: February 3, 2015 in In Tune...

images-5While at work, i’ll put in my ear buds and listen to Christian radio on Pandora or iTunes radio. There are times that i can have both ear buds in and really focus on my work and the music. There are other times when i have one in my ear and tuck the other one away so i can also be aware of the background in case the phones ring or if someone asks me a question. Not everyone at work even knows that i actually have music on, most just think i’m ready for the next call to come in on my cell phone. i work in a fast pace environment and listening to music has totally helped me be more relaxed, be more patient with employees and customers. One employee pulled me aside and said she has noticed a really big difference since i started listening with my ear buds. She is a Christian, she also said i am even witnessing to people more often, talking more calmly and being more productive. If i’m out of the office and visiting customers or employees throughout the course of the day, i still make sure it’s playing in the car. Now, i can’t listen 100% of the time throughout the course of the day or some days it is not able to happen at all. It has really helped my overall relationship with Christ, my overall attitude with people and gives me a peace because i am constantly developing my closeness with Christ.

Let’s advance two weeks later….sitting in my hometown church, three weeks before Thanksgiving, the music leader lead us in America the Beautiful, tears rolled down my eyes in pride of my hometown, the reason being is how cool is it that, we can be in church and sing about our beautiful country. i’ve always been proud of America, for some reason, whenever i hear the National Anthem, i always shed a tear, guess that’s my way of showing how grateful i am. My family will wait for me to start a Nascar race, that way we can all watch the Anthem together and then they give me a moment to wipe my tears and then race on.

The next song in church that day was, Battle Hymn Of The Republic! If you haven’t heard this song, find it, it’s a Civil War song that toUnknown me is the march to freedom! i can vision the slaves signing this song working in the fields and then all in one start singing and then walking north!  Don’t know if you have ever been hit over the head with a two by four, but sitting in my pew that day i was!

i was broken, still not knowing how to worship my Heavenly Father. Then HE told me, right there, this is what I did for you! It hit me, i’ve given thanks to any veteran i’ve ever met, the meaning of the flag, going back to one of my favorite songs of all times, the reason i cherish and respect my country is there are men who have died for me! That’s when God told me, that’s what I did for you!! I gave my SON for you! He died for you!! My wife noticed me during all this, i was a mess. How many times have i heard this before? i’ll tell you right now, hundreds if not thousands, this time i heard it from GOD!



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