“Today”… Is The Greatest Day, I’ve Ever Known! Overthinking?

Posted: March 3, 2015 in Today
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Today is the greatest day i’ve ever know because i will not over think anything!

Overthinking-671x1024If they would give a PhD in over-thinking, i would get one. i excel at the art of over-analyzing every little thing that happens to me. It’s exhausting.

The truth is that as an over-thinker i’m blessed with the gift of scrutinizing every little morsel of detail in my life. Friendships, relationships, the way the cashier looked at me when i bought 12 bags of Chocolate Chip Cookies that one time—ALL instances that are open for over analysis. my brain is always calculating and re-calculating. And that’s not all i as an over-thinker grapples with.


Has anyone ever failed an eye exam? Because I swear you can fail eye exams. I’ve definitely left the Eye Doctor’s with glasses that seemed blurrier than my last pair. And this is because it’s unfair to give a person two PRACTICALLY identical images and ask which ones is clearer. With technology these days, you would think they could do away with this archaic method of optometry.

While i was driving to work the other day i caught myself spending a lot of time thinking on things that do not matter. Example… on my drive to work i pass a church with a digital sign out front which these to promote certain thoughts or sermon titles, but it has a huge clock on it as well. i’ve been making this drive for 4 months and every single day i look at the clock and it is ALWAYS wrong. It runs at least 10 minutes fast and even though i know that… it makes me think for a moment, as to whether i am late or not.

At first my thoughts were on trying to figure out why nobody fixes it or, if there might be some intention to it. Perhaps they have tried to fix it and it needs more repairs than their budget will allow for so they just ignore it? Then i thought about how people show up for church late and that maybe they set it ahead so people think they’re late and hurry to get inside? If that was the case it would only have temporary success as people would eventually figure out that the clock is early and they would go back to being late. Nope i have not found out a legitimate excuse for this situation and yet it still bothers me every day. i found myself this week thinking about writing a letter to them and asking them to fix the distracting clock. Then i actually found myself trying to figure out when i could stop by and offer to assist them thus being a part of the solution versus the problem. When i go by in the morning it’s about 5:40am so that wouldn’t work but maybe in the afternoon? The problem with that is that it doesn’t get my attention in the afternoon so it’s unimportant enough to even get a moment of thought.

Over thinking right? Spending too much thought time on something that is none of my business, not relevant to me, and actually has no impact on me what-so-ever.

overthinkingThis led me to see other areas where i do the same thing. There’s a street light that has been burnt out for weeks and in my thoughts it should have been repaired by now. Perhaps nobody has reported it but how’s that possible? Surely if i’m noticing it someone else is as well? Then i thought the other day that i should stop and get the serial number on the pole and report it myself just to be sure. Over thinking right?

The people who know me would probably agree that i also over-think God and God things as well. i usually find a single verse or thought and then spend weeks looking at it over and over. It’s kinda like an old dog bone that has been chewed on until it begins to fall apart. But for me i’m convinced there’s one more decent bit of flavor left for me to find.

Some people say, “Let it go.” That’s the ultimate insult for me as an over-thinker, because if i could just “let it go,” then i would have “let it go” long ago. i don’t like over-thinking, it’s hard work, but i just find myself doing it.

Today is the greatest day i’ve ever know because i will not over think anything!



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