Not Just Another Story… Part 3

Posted: March 12, 2015 in Not Just Another Story!
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On January 28th I expected to get my monthly disability deposit.  It’s supposed to come on the first, but often comes a couple of days early. I’m in bed it’s 3:00 a.m. and I grab my phone because I’m not sleeping well. I log into my bank on
Unknownmy phone to pay a couple of bills that are not on auto pay. I pay a little extra when I can. When I looked at the  balance and it said $44,744.00 I just looked at the phone and was thinking holy crap! I just knew that had to be wrong so I put the phone down and went to the back room where the desk top computer is and turned it on. The  desk top computer would correct this error. Well there was still $44,744.00 dollars in my account. Something big just happened! After counting on my fingers to actually grasp the idea of all this i prayed to God. That’s another story in itself maybe for another time.

It turns out that a disability claim that I have with the VA since November 2011 was approved and I got retroactive back pay. Holy cow, I paid off my bills, invested some and helped my mother and brothers. Also the monthly increase will help me immensely. I just can’t describe what a load has been lifted. I have also had another med added to the ones I am taking and I am doing much better.

It still is amazing to me how much of a lift it was to recall my accomplishments as i stood in that cold, dark, dreary garage. Now i remind myself of them every day. Now you  might be thinking that anyone would be better with a financial gift like that, but remember, i had no idea of the gift when God brought the accomplishments to my mind. I have no doubt that I would be been doing ok without the financial blessing but needless to say i am grateful!

Now I could have easily thought ‘WHAT A COINCIDENCE” or “What a bit of good luck”. I can’t tell you how I knew, but I knew that God brought my accomplishments to my brain. At 3:00 a.m. i’m facing the end of my life and at 3:45 a.m. i’m facing the beginning of a brand new life which includes God and is filled with hope. I can see life past when my mom passes and I have been waiting for her to go for years. I am also noticing that I am much more patient than I have been with her.

I am thanking God daily for this gift. I know I can not blow this opportunity, this second, no third chance to actually hopeenjoy life and do whatever God has in mind for me. I still have things, issues to deal with but I know I can do that now. What happened will always be in the front of my brain. This was one of those times in life that is a “‘God Thing”

I hope my story helps anyone who is in a dark place. Think of what God says about you and don’t focus on your dark thoughts.  A big thing “ASK FOR HELP’ its out there, friends, family, agencies. Look and ask!



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