Not Just Another Story… Part 4

Posted: March 13, 2015 in Not Just Another Story!
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What a story of transformation! i have known Cathy for around 30 years and she is a different person. What she failed to imagesmention in her story was that she at one time was very involved in church and like many left being disappointed by the stuff. That took her to a place of not even believing in God and ultimately looking at multiple Gods as an option, but when she prayed that night she told me she prayed to the Christian God and knew that it was Him who had done this.

Transformation is the act, process, or instance of changing in character or condition. In this case it’s “The Act” a small adjustment and her life is working. Sure there is a process that follows but “The Act” “The Instance” of change has taken place. Her character and her condition have changed.

i knew that this transformation was different than other attempts. She is not just trying to change her life it has been changed. Nothing has been left to trying. She is doing. As she said, she still has things to walk through but who doesn’t?

At one point during all this i’m going “GOD” really? We have been there for her for all those years and this couldn’t happen when we were there? The truth is that the voice of God is a whole lot better than my voice in any matter. i recall a couple of conversations where Cathy and i talked about those same accomplishments… but nothing. God brings it up andimages-1 Bam! i know this is how it’s supposed to be and i couldn’t be more excited and so glad that we didn’t quit her and now we get to share in her excitement and be a part of what’s next.

There was so much i wanted to share about all this but it seems so insignificant at this time. i also don’t want to say anything that takes away from the seriousness of where Cathy has spent most of her life nor from the absolute miracle that God did by reminding her of a few earthly accomplishments, at precisely the exact moment, where it would do what it was intended to do.

Cathy has been at our home for a several weeks now and will be here for several more. i wish i could have recorded all her words and been able to share the excitement she has for life now. She has many thoughts for helping people and animals in the future and not necessarily in that order.

Transformation1As i close i want to say thank you to Cathy. She has always been willing to share her opinions on most anything but is very private when it comes to her and her feelings. That’s one of the reasons i know how real this is. She is not fixed on herself but has become fixed on others and shared openly and honestly. So again thank you to Cathy and while i have always counted our friendship as a valuable one, i am even more convinced of it today.


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