Life Is… ???????????

Posted: March 25, 2015 in Life Is...
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Have you heard of an animal that complains about not having enough money? Have you heard of an insect that suffers Kid to mom about funky dog: 'I'm not complaining, Mom, but when can I get one that's not a bobblehead?'from too much stress? Have you heard of a fish that lives in pain due to a broken relationship? Probably, only human beings live complicated lives. So why is life so complicated? How about this for an answer, because i have increasing needs. When i have more needs, i add more complexity to my life. Here’s another question, do people ever have enough? Or am i always looking for more. What about figuring out how to enjoy more with less.

I shared a story about a 14 year old who committed suicide on Friday. For the parents of this child life got real complicated and will probably remain that way for some time if not the rest of their lives. At the funeral on Sunday this little girls 8 year old sister spoke and shared that she was both angry and sad because her sister did this. This 8 year olds life just got complicated. My grandsons life got complicated as well. my life got a little more complicated because of my grandson. He’s a little young to have to begin dealing with such awful and bewildering situations. The only persons life that didn’t get complicated was this 14 year old who decided to end her life. Obviously she felt the complications prior to Friday but for whatever reason saw no hope of a solution.

This post is not the one i wrote to open this series of Life Is… either. i can not shake this question of, “Life Is…” so i decided to begin asking people if they could tell me the answer. It caught most people off guard and i could tell that they were puzzled and struggled to come up with an answer, any answer so that i would leave them alone and stop making them uncomfortable. The most popular response i have heard thus far is “Hard.” “Life Is Hard…!”

i began looking at those around me and saw some of the complications that they are dealing with. Theres’ the couple that got thrown off track and now they can’t seem to find each other. There’s the person dealing with depression and their own thoughts of ending life. There are several who feel like their in a waiting mode and some of them not even sure what their waiting for. There’s one who feels that playing the lottery is complicated as they try to find the winning combination of numbers. One person shared how their car began falling apart this week end and now life is financially complicated. There’s a single mom trying to put their daughter through college and they only have one car making getting around complicated.

62176560c92ddddee0f2a394f11aed21This series is taking on a life of it’s own and some are willing to share their answer, so i will begin sharing their answers. i am not suggesting that they are right or wrong. They are just what they as individuals feel that life is at this time. i’m guessing that if i ask them the same question in a month or two that their answer may take on a different look.

If there is a reader out there who would like to share your answer please send it to and i will consider sharing it. i am looking forward to what others will share!


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