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Today is a continuation specifically of yesterday but generally in this journey of identifying who is “me”.

That’s what me and I Am is about, “me” in preparation for success in the life that God intended.

Here’s the next question.

Thinker or Feeler? Question #3 – How do I make my decisions, how do I come to conclusions?

As a Thinker i would make my decisions based primarily on objective and impersonal information, what makes the most sense and what is logical. As a Thinker i would in general tend to be cool, analytical, and convinced by logical reasoning. As a Feeler i would make those same decisions based primarily on my personal morals and how i feel about the choices. As a Feeler i would tend to be sensitive, empathetic, and compelled by extenuating circumstances and a constant search for unity and peace.

As a Thinker I would…

Make decisions objectively, Appear cool and reserved, Are most convinced by rational arguments, Are honest and direct, Value honesty and fairness, Take few things personally, Are good at seeing flaws, Are motivated by achievement, Argue or debate issues for fun.

As a Feeler i would… 

Decide based on their morals & feelings, Appear warm and friendly, Are most convinced by how they feel, Are diplomatic and tactful, Value harmony and compassion, Take many things personally, Are quick to compliment others, Are motivated by appreciation, Avoid arguments and conflicts

i am going to go with Thinker… despite the fact that i don’t like the answer. Let’s see if i can explain? My objective decisions would most likely be highly influenced by my morals, yet not so much my feelings. Cool and reserved serves me well and as for warm and friendly, can’t say as i have ever been accused of that. Honest and direct is the only way to go but it must be tempered with tactfulness. i do take things personally to often but i try to avoid arguing or debating issues just for fun. All that said i’ll have to stick with being a thinker.
Judger or Perciever? Question #4 – Where am i the most comfortable? What environment do i feel at home in?
A Judger would prefer a structured, ordered, and fairly predictable environment, where i can make decisions and have things settled. Perceivers prefer to experience as much of the world as possible, so they like to keep their options open and are most comfortable adapting. So, Judgers tend to be organized and productive while Perceivers tend to be flexible, curious, and nonconforming.

As a Judger i would…

  • Like to have things settled
  • Take responsibilities seriously
  • Pay attention to time & are usually prompt
  • Prefer to finish projects
  • Work first, play later
  • Seek closure
  • See the need for most rules
  • Like to make & stick with plans
  • Find comfort in schedules

As a Perceiver i would…

  • Like to keep my options open
  • Are playful and casual
  • Are less aware of time and may run late
  • Prefer to start projects
  • Play first, work later
  • May have difficulty making some decisions
  • Question the need for many rules
  • Like to keep plans flexible
  • Want the freedom to be spontaneous

This one is the hardest. Half of a Judger fits me to a tee and half of a perceiver fits me just as well. The other half in both of them don’t work for me at all. i suppose the only thing for me to do is add both of them to my personality discovery list which now looks like this.

i’m a Keeper, Breaker, Ponderer, Stretcher, In Between, Inner, Intuitive, Thinker, Judger, personality…. with traces of an All or Nothing, Outer, Sensor, Feeler, Perceiver as well. Seems like i’m getting more complex by the day?

Oscar Wilder said, “I knew that I had come face to face with some one whose mere personality was so fascinating that, if I allowed it to do so, it would absorb my whole nature, my whole soul, my very art itself.”

A man called Jesus is the only person who has done that for me. From a place of gratefulness i hope to pass it on.